Tech. Articles

This section of our web site is devoted to tech articles I wrote over the past several years as the Technical Director for the Peachtree MG Registry. They have been freely submitted to several different clubs for publication. As I continue to write them, they will be added to our web site. Subject matter varies a great deal; some are serious and some are humorous, but all may teach you something. I even include some of my favorite recipes in them.

Most are based on experiences at our shop or on club trips. Sometimes a person may be singled out but just ignore their name and pretend I did not give it. Apologies in advance to anyone mentioned by mistake. My thought was that if one person had a particular problem, others will have it sometime in the future. So why not tell you about it with maybe a clue on how to avoid it or fix it.

If we have a shop short cut, we pass that along as well. We keep no secrets at British Car Service and are as open and honest with you as we can be. I am sorry that all the articles do not have a topic listed; we are working on getting them in a reasonable order. When they were originally written, they were saved by dates only.

Any questions or comments or suggested topics you have can be submitted to our email address at Thank you for taking the time to read some of them, it is appreciated.